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Quotes by neonzebra2449

I didn't choose the Witty life.
The Witty life chose me
I don't wanna brag or anything, 
but my quote is on the 8th page
of top qoutes. I'll give you a 
second to let that soak in.
I feel like GIFs have gotten us
one step closer to creating
Harry Potter in real life
I feel like we should have a witian party on Stardoll
That would be so amazing.
When people have something going on at home, or other special 
curcumstances, does it give them the right to act like complete @ss holes?

If I miss Adventure Time for


you better feel loved.
If someone who likes alternative, punk, rock, metal, scremo, etc says they don't like much pop music,
People who like pop say things like this: What the f/u/ck! You can't judge people's music like that! God! Stop acting like a hipster!

What I don't get is that most people who are saying thigs like that have never listened to alternative, punk, rock, metal, scremo, etc. 


The only reason I hate


is so no one feels left out
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