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Why hello there :) this is my place to post things I can't put on facebook or tumblr - no one knows I have a witty cept for myself - I love to give advice and get advice so ask away :)

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Does anyone else every think that the only thing they have control over is their hair?!?!
You idiot! Can't you realize I love you!?
Wittians!! HELP
Ok well.... I like this guy and I'm pretty sure he likes me back but he's so shy he won't say anything so I think I have a plan - Valentine's Day - I'll ask him to be my Valentine - Is it a good idea?
Oy! Google! I get it swearings is bad but do you have to take Witty away???? Do you realize how many LIVES have been saved here!?!?!
Of all the words in the English language the one I'm most afraid of is love. Love is powerful and makes the world go round so to say I'm in love with him is dangerous - I'm young I can't be in love....... or can I? Can this emotion that launches ships, changes lives,and controls everyone have taken hold of me? This love scares me because I'm afraid to admit to it
My friends tell me I'm the happiest person on earth, a ray of sunshine no matter what the weather, the person with a smile on her face always - they don't know the crushing the depressioin I fight, the fact I take anti - depressants and have contemplated suicide - they don't know and they don't understand - They don't know about my pyshcologist (Her name is Linda:)) and my phyciatrist - they don't know about the night I've cried so much my mom had to give me anti anxiety medicatioin just to sleep
My mom knows everything that has happened thank gosh I write this as thanks to her - I love you Mommy without I would be nothing - I also write this post to God because without him I would have no reason to live and I would be dead -

For those of you out there that are depressed there are people like you that have gotten through it - talk to me I'll do my best to help - <3 Always, Me

Hello all Read this (I know it's long but it's important to me :))

without God this would've never happened :) Ok here goes - last summmer (about july) i went to the doctor for my yearly check up and my doctor pointed out that my weight was on a gaining trend, well that got me mad and I decided to lose weight just to defy her lol I started weight watchers (a safe way to lose weight that makes sure... you get enough food during the day so your healthy while maintaining small portion sizes) I used the mobile setting on y ipod to track and I gave up none of the foods I love, I learned that I can eat anything but I can't eat everything. I am not anorexic or buliemic (sorry about my spelling) and I pray for anyone who is. Now it is January about6 months later I have lost a little over 20 pounds. In July I bought a pair of Petit 12 pants, yesterday I bought a pair of size 6 shorts (I havn't worn shorts since I was little). I now get cold in rooms and I feel and look better in the clothing I have. I feel more confident than I ever have and that is rare being a teenage girl - I wrote this post as thanks to God because without him I would be dead


Are you from Tennesee? Because I wanna make out with your face - Jenna Marbles

Things I have done for my shy guy :) : I asked his mom if he could go to the dance with me because he forgot to tell her (he said yes originally lol)
When you see another girl like his picture/status on facebook and in your head you say "BACK THE F**K OFF B*TCH HE'S MINE"