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i hope im good enough for you because im not changing who i am

when your at the fair with your friends and they have a glass house and you tell you friends before u go in that u won't run into any of the glass walls you see your friend run into one and you laugh at them then turn around and run right into one.

everything seems so bad right now but don't worry everything will sooner or later get better (hopefully)
you popped into my life and i liked you since the begening i stayed away cause you had someone yu final asked me out and you made me so happy but then you took my heart and tore it to peice when you broke up with me and asked her out 2 days later and that will stay with me forever.
never be someone your not because then everyone will start to love the person your trying to be and never get to know that really you.
some friends can stab you in the back and never take out the knife.
all these movies show love is something that is easy to find but it never is you can find someone who u think you love and then later in life you realize that they're not the one for you.
i gave you my heart and you took it and kept it safe then u went and broke it without any warning and left nothing for me to hold on too.

i thought i could trust you with my life but now here u are throwing me off a cliff

i havnt been on witty in a while but i think im coming back cause i need a place to cool down and write stuff :P