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Quotes by neveragain123

i wish you knew how much it hurt when you
got over me so quick..

what hurts the most; was being so close,

and having so much to say

and watching you walk away.

you may think youve got better at lying
but the truth is i know all of them.

i always thought you were different no matter what anyone said,

then you finally proved me wrong,

There's a thin line between enough and too much. Whether it's the alcohol
you consume, the cigarettes you smoke, or the love you waste, that
lines crossed by every single one of us.
So I'm giving up on you now, because I can't do this anymore. And
 I can't say I'm going to miss all the calls you never made or all the
places I never saw your face.

It's always the same old game. You meet someone new and you'll exchange numbers.

He'll take you out on a few dates and you'll be telling your friends how perfect he is.

He'll send you cute texts and put a constant smile on your face. Then one day, you blink,

and the texts are gone, your smiles gone - and he's gone. Then you're expected to start

all over again.

just because you have her doesnt mean you should stop doing the things it took to get her.
The thing that really gets me
Is that you couldnt even tell me the real reason
Why you wanted to be just friends.
You had to cover it all up with pretty words,
But it still hurts
And did I mention I know all about her ?

If he honestly cared about you one bit he wouldn’t have left.

Not the first time, not the second time, not ever.