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Quotes by neveragain123

you can't go back. you can only remember. but sometimes that's what hurts the most, remembering how things were and how they will never be the same.
maybe we're too young and i don't even know what's real. but i know i've never wanted anything so bad. i've never wanted anyone so bad.
i wasn't ready for the words you chose when you said goodbye, or how suddenly the roads could close between your life and mine.
They say cutting is stupid;

well you know what's stupid?

Hurting someone so badly emotionally, that they feel they have to hurt themselves physically.

p l e a s e  dont make me r e g r e t  trusting you.


i wish i never once spoke to you,

i wanna go to back to that day we met

and just walk away..

You're faker than the smile on my face.
I hate when the person you thought you could trust turns out to be someone you can't.

it wasnt because i wanted to die i just wanted

the pain to finally end.

You never know when you wake up,
if all will be the same, or if you'll be
back in your dark place, again to feel the pain
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