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words were never really my thing

Quotes by neverbehisbabii

Her bone structure screams
" Touch her, touch her"
and she's got the curse of curves <3

-Curse of Curves
Cute Is What We Aim For
\m/ (><) \m/ 

its supposed to be like a head banging rocker thing... ha
what's the wOrst thing i
cOuld say ? Things are
better if i stay. sO lOng and
dreams are for rookies
* hercules

love is just an excuse to cry..
use em if u <3 em
i *h0pe* the next
girl -->> y0u <<--
{kiss} has s0mething
tErRiBlY ~c0ntagi0us~
o.n. h.e.r. l.i.p.s.
s0metimes life kn0cks u d0wn
just t0 see if yo0 can get back up
if i had to describe myself in 3 words...
those words would be...
~never good enough~
this hurts more than you'll ever know
and somehow i still cant let you go
-->>why cant i breathe<<--
(( whenever i talk about you))
{[{[ why can't i sleep}]}]
** whenever i think about you**