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Quotes by neverforgetX0X0

everyday she puts on this face.
hoping if she forgets what had happened,
the next day will get better.
but it doesnt
it keeps getting worse
shes trapped in this place,
thats changing her more each day.
she wants to get out,
but theres no place to go,
no place to run to.
so everyday she puts on this face,
so no one can see whats underneith.
you dont know how hard i try-
to convince myself that
i can easily forget.
but you left a feeling here inside of me,
one that never fails to find me,
on a rainy monday i feel it inside of me,
like the days of summer,
in the hopes of ones day,
that you'll love me too.
Whats. This. Feeling.
taking over me
baby thats love
and theres no stoppin' it
: : : :
: : : i never noticed how much you really
: : meant to me, and if i have you again
: im never making the mistake of
letting you go again ily
there are only two absolutes in life;
best friends and vodka
and the greatest memories usually
involve both.
Duh . I . Love . You.
nd explaining [ why ] is like explaining
h o w.w a t e r.t a s t e s..
I know the pain you're living in
Sometimes you've got to lose to win
Yo ho and a bottle of yum
Oh yeah
I'm gonna have a party with my body
Do you want to come
Well, alright.
'Cause we're such

Wicked little girls
Kissed the boys and made them cry
Raising double trouble every time we pass them by
Some might say we're

Wicked little girls
With curves and kisses and pearly whites
You better an your eye on your boys and lock them up tight
Tight, tight, tight, tight