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Out of student loans and treehouse homes we all would choose the latter....
now that prom is over i can taste graduation and i can not wait.
Take a breath and count the days

We're graduating soon

College will be paradise

If I'm not dead by June
Seeing people you love hurting is one of the worst things I have ever come across, especially when nothing you say can help them.
Me at 9PM: Yay, Walking Dead, this is going to be a great episode!
Me at 10PM: What. The. Actual. F*ck.
Me: *awkwardly standing in band hall at my first stage crew meeting*
Jacqui: let's go paint.
Me: k
Teria: hey, holly, you uh got something right.... There. *touches my nose* 
Me: you just put that something there didn't you? 
Teria: how could you say that?!?!
Me: because I have known you for five years.
Teria: true....
Me: you got something right here actually *swipes brush across her face* 
Teria: thanks for getting it doll!
*paint war begins*
My best friends' dad passed away last night. He had heart problems and there was nothing doctors to do. She stood by his side until the literal end and was his rock. Her birthday is Saturday. I want to get her a meaningful gift but I know the only gift that would have meaning is her daddy. I wish I could give her that...
Please keep her in your thoughts this weekend and pray that, if there is a heaven, her daddy is up there with the angels. 
RIP Mr. Shawn
Maybe I'm just in love with the thought of you....
I'd trade forever just to hear you say the sound of my name... But that's not why I'm here. I came down here to tell you, it rains in heaven all day long. I wanna find you so bad and let you know I'm miserable up here without you... I'm miserable up here without you. 
"She lied to you... She was protecting the last water bender.... ME! And as much as I hate you.... I just can't do it..."
-Katara: "The Southerner Raiders"