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Quotes by nevergrowup89

Once he thought about the future.
Now he only thought about the past. 
We took such great advantage of what we had... What I would give just to talk to you somewhere other than here. Back on kik, Skype, anywhere. It all seemed so little, now it would be the best thing to ever happen. Tonight is just one of those nights where you look back and say, I had everything, now it's gone but somehow still here. I am thankful we can still talk, yes, but I hate it. I hate that you got caught, I hate that I told my mom, I hate that we had to make our selves believe we were over it, I hate that you were someone else's girlfriend, I hate that I hurt one of my best friends because I tried to make her you, I hate that everyone is trying to keep us apart when all we need is each other. Do they not see? Don't they see we need each other? Why is that so hard to accept? I understand homophobia but this is just cruel. We have everything, why can't we express it? 
J: So he's not coming back?
C: No he's going to online school.
J: I don't believe you
Me: No, really he's gone. 
J: You're wrong! 
Me: I swear on my grandfather's grave, he is going to online school.
A: Holly, shut up. You would probably kill your grandpa just to prove a point.
A: *laughs* Wow, nailed that one! 
Why is it so easy for someone to throw away 7 years worth of friendship? Can someone please tell me? 
I think about the first time we will meet a lot. What it will be like. Will we be nervous? Will it be awkward? Where will it be? Will I fly to you or you fly to me? Where will we first live? Who will carry the first child? I think about meeting more than anything. And I can't wait for the day we board the first flight. I want to feel you in my arms and know it's okay. 
I'm used to black and white... And this is just gray.
Person: Omg I am so excited for The Walking Dead. I can't believe Michonne died! Like wth.
Me: Are you mental?
I am the type of person who will have tears streaming down her face and insist,
"I'm fine."
My Econ teacher: All teenagers have this, laziness gene. They don't do chores, or cook, or do anything around the house. It's sad.

Me(comes home): *starts dinner, does laundry, feeds the dog, lets the dog out, washes dishes by hand, goes out and buys soap, cold medicine, and milk for the family WITH MY OWN MONEY, gets my mom her medicine for the night, does more laundry, and finally sits down* 
Is this a out of the normal thing for me? No. I do it every day.
It's like banging my head on a wall, except at least if I were banging my head on a wall, I'd be able to make myself stop.
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