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So here’s the thing, I’m actually getting better! I have things that I look forward to almost everyday, I am beginning to be able to talk to other people with out such bad anxiety attacks, I don’t regret as many things I say to people, I don’t go over everything in my head as much,I haven’t relapsed for a few weeks, and I’m starting to eat regularly again and I’m not skipping as many meals!
So I posted this a few months ago but can anyone tell me some good books I could read? Please and thank you
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Hello people! I need help, I am making a list of all the books that I want to read by the end of 2013!I am hoping this will help with my anxiety and depression and stuff since reading calms me down! I have a few already but I need some more! Please help!!!
Having anxiety, depression, and insomnia is terrible. The anxiety makes me think, the depression gives me things to think about, and the insomnia gives me time to think.
Today, I went to a charity walk for Huntington's Disease and usually it brings me down because I lost my friend, P.A, to the disease and I always think about how much I miss and how much of an amazing person he is and how he didn't deserve it, but today instead I saw all the happy things. I saw the people who are usually constricted in wheelchairs take their first steps in a long time to cross that finish line. I saw P.A's little sisters smile. I saw P.A's mother laugh, I saw people helping other people. I saw all these people enjoying their selves for the first time in a while. I saw everyone coming together and helping everyone because they all share the same pain. So even though I'm still sad about losing my best friend, I now get to witness this happiness everytime I go to these charity events.
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I really just want to make my own tampon or pad commercial where there is a teenage girl on her period dressed in sweats on her laptop eating a lot of food and it saying something like "be more comfortable being a teen on her period"
Mermaids are NOT the same as sirens
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