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Hello there;3 
I'm an awkward cookie.Shy around people I dont know, obnoxious around the people I do. I'm a nerd, and not in a cool hipster way.I would rather sit and listen to All Time Low or Mayday Parade than be social. But I do gotts me a boyfriend. His name is Michael, we've been together over a year. It's a long distance relationship, but we make it work. I'm 15 years old and I unwrap all my cool presents and shit February 11.I love witty. It's like a comfortable place for me to go. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I only bite a little. So yeah. bye :3
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Quotes by newportsprincess

I'm sick of being the strong one.


While you're busy treating me like s hi t,

He's taking the time to love me.


I just want you out of my life.



I feel like dying.


My self esteem is your punching bag.


It rains when you're here,

and it rains when you're gone.


Witty is good for my self esteem.


When someone you don't know makes your day.


I told my boyfriend today that I couldn't go to his homecoming dance. Why? Because when I went dress shopping today with my two skinny friends, only two of the eight dresses I tried on fit me.
Do you know what it's like to have absolutely NO self esteem? It hurts. I don't even want to be alive right now.
I started out the day perfectly happy, looking forward to homecoming, and now I'm not going. I would rather sit home by myself than be his fat date.
I don't care if anybody reads this. I just wanted to tell somebody the real reason I'm not going.


You seem to have this magic ability that makes me feel like crap.