Status: I'm sorry, bit I love you </3
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Ello love :)
I'm Rhiannon!
I'm 14 years young
I love JB 1D and CDI
Music is my life
I love my friends
and I'm shy


I am in love with food!I'm stuck between 2 guys and idk who I like more :/

I love my life
I don't get guys
I am supportive
I'm hyper!!!!!
and I am not a huge fan of sweets! Well thats me!!! Anything else ask!


Quotes by nialls_sexy_wife

Well loves,
Witty is quite depressing tonight,
So instead of cheering it up
I'm going to Skype!
I hope tomorrow everyone has a better day :)
Smiling is hard now
laughing is too
I never thought that I'd see this day
Now I have to actually fake my smile
I have to pretend to be happy
I have to act all day every day
When I get home?
I break down in my room...
Of course u til now not a single soul knew....
I'm sorry
Sorry I can't be happy for you
when tbh
It's hell to try and be happy for myself
I wish for once I could look in the mirror and see me
The real me
Not the broken me
Not the screw up
Not the fake smile and fake laugh me
I want it to be real
I was my smile back
My happiness
Instead I see a damn mess up
Full of stress
Causing stress
Acting is becoming damn hard for me when my best friend left
I feel like a have no one...
Like I'm lost...
I cry myself to sleep every night
And for what? To do it all again tomorrow?
I guess what's what I'm good for now....
Sorry guys...I just can't take it anymore
Everyone says "listen to lyrics"
But to me
the voices are just as important
some of the voices can send chills down my spine
So my advice?
Go listen to your favorite song, and listen to the voices too
It's not like I'm on love with you....but let's put it this way
I look forward to your texts
I'll stay awake to any hour just to talk to you
You understand me
You aren't near perfect...And I like that
You're funny
You're cute
but most importantly, you care about me...No matter always try to help me.
So here's a thank you :) and hopefully, just hopefully, we'll always keep in touch
Bye :) "wuff" you ;) ~Me :p
REED ____
9-17-98 through 3-11-13
I will always miss you Reed
I dream of forgetting the knight in shining armor and be my own knight. To come and save a guy, tell him how I feel and help him up. I want to fight his wars too. I want him to know his girl can stand up for him when ever he may need it. That I'll always be his and I'll never forget how I feel. Because every time I see him, I fall head over heels...And I want him to know I like....scratch him, and I'll be his knight in shining armor, all he has to do is be mine....only if I had the guts...
I love him and I'm willing to give up anything of mine for him....including my life
I love your smile, your laugh, your voice, and your words. Your texts put a smile in my face, our inside jokes make me laugh, your brother....he scares the stuff out of me. Everything you do makes me want you....Why can't you just see....I want you so much.....
I think I love you....