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Hi. My name's Stephanie.
I play volleyball & love my friends and family.
I'm blonde hair, blue-eyed. I love summer, swimming, tanning, country music, late nights, warm weather, fun & so much more.
I'm going to be a freshman this coming year. 

Live life to the fullest 


you can't start the next chapter of your life
if you keep re-reading the last one

Quotes by nichols08

Feelings change,

Memories don't.

Never Shout Never! I follow back. ^_^

You guys made me ink!
~ Pearl from Finding Nemo

"Thats the secret to life...
replace one worry with another"

~Charlie Brown

natalie was here
and she likes chicken


format credit to OneDirection

Brother: Why are we going to Ulta?
Me: To get me more makeup.
Brother: Why do girls need makeup? They are fine just the way they are.

** btw; he's 11.(:


Those who mind don't matter, 
 Those who matter, dont mind.

Format by Sandrasauras

Selena Gomez sings the song "Who Says" because she doesn't want to be anoybody else. Well if I were a famous singer, dating Justin Bieber & in movies, I would be pretty

satisfied with myself too.


What hurts the most. Was bein' so close.

-understand when you say forget it
- Wait forever when you say just a minute
- stay when you say leave me alone
& open the door before you even say come in.