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^it was fun haha.

Hi I'm Nicholas Lupacchino. lol.
I made this because the girl I like has one.
I am determined to find her. No matter what.
I really wanna know what her quotes say and stuff cause I'm not sure if she likes me and this seems to be the place where she vents and stuff.
Well here I go I guess even though Idk how to use this... 
If you comment I will answer.

boy scouts lol < 3

Quotes by nickklikeswaffles

I hate it when girls say all guys are the same.
Maybe you guys should stop talking to the jocks and jerks for once.


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You are all beautiful.
No matter what others say

I feel like I'm the only guy on here.....

Girls, you're prettiest with a smile. Not a fake smile; a genuine smile. Us guys can tell when you're faking it, and it kills us inside.
Hiiiiiiiii I dont know how to do this. lol.