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A thousand miles seems pretty far,
but they've got planes and trains and cars.
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Hayyyyyyyyy, what gets rid of a soar throat? Mine's killing me. 
Thanks gyyyys :) 
                                    All I want in life is food, is that too much to ask for? :'(

I'm sorry. We didn't get enough likes in time. Your little boy is going to die.


So I've made mistakes, alot. And this girl puts this on my profile??
":You're probably pregnant and you most likely have herpes in your throat and syphilis.
Maybe if you could keep your legs AND MOUTH shut, people wouldn't hate you, wh/ore"

.. wow, this is WITTY. A place where you should be able to put your problems down without being judged.

This girl doesn't even know me.
That's absolutely horrible. Everyone, please keep her in your prayers. I honestly wish people like that the best in life because if they have to put people down just to make theirselves feel better, they need some serious help. I'm sorry but I can't stand bullying, and this definitely is.
-- venting.


AT McDonalds...

with my family/just me: orders a large Dr.Pepper, 8 big macs, 69 chicken nuggets, 10 packs of ketchup and 6 packs of ranch.

when I'm with my friends/boyfriend: a water and a piece of lettuce.