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Hi! My name's Andrea :) I have another profile on Witty: just_keep_swimming_27 which is only good quotes by famous people so... hope you like and follow :D 

-Dee S.

Quotes by nightlock27

to make 
Any Ideas?
Im freaking out and i need help
He just broke up with her and i thought i didnt like him but lately ive been having dreams about him
He hugs me everyday about five times 
Today he whispered something in my ear, smiled, winked at me but i have no idea what he said... Ahhhhhh its killing me!!!!!!!!
I know you guys wont care but i just had to write it out but it would be nice if you guys could help me...

*He just broke up with her and he's broken*
Me: It's time to get on with your life.
Him: But she was my life!

How do i tell him that he's my life...</3

                  Him: I Love You
                 Me: Bullsh*t              

                                                                        Credit: FaveFormats.

What Happens in French Class #2

Mr.Martin:Did we talk about turning off lights and turning on people yesterday?
Class: Whaaaaaaat?
Mr.Martin: Now i got your attention huh? 
True Story


What Happens in French Class

\\\\  Student: umm, Mr.Martin you forgot


----------------------------------- Tex----------------------------------- 
 Mr.Martin: I skipped your mom last night

*True Story*


S(he) Be(lie)ve(d)


No, no, no
The sun goes in the corner of the paper.

Man oh, Man...
do i love cheese puffs :)