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Hey guys this nightshadow11! Here some things about me!
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Fave animal: Lion rawr :3
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All music I put on my page has been nightcored by me or my buddy!

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Innocent defenseless children gone.  Little angels had there wings torn off today at an elementary school in Newtown.  A monster of a human that had no mind or soul carrying the death weapon into the school and killed 26 people. Among them were 20 kids. Kids from Kindergarten- to Fourth. There futures shot away from them in seconds. The survivors innocence killed probably having nightmares through the nights about this event. My prayers got to the lost, the surviving and the families. I hope you take your siblings or children close to you tonight and be glad hat they are still innocent and well-being and did not have to live though it. Just pray that the minds of them aren’t scarred and hurt and tell them that you love them tonight and be glad they are still near you.

So yesterday I came on the bus and my friend was like
"Heather are you wearing makeup?"
I looked at her and laughed "No, why?"
She looked at me and said "Because your cheeks are bright red!"
I looked at her shocked and I nearly screamed but held it in "Sh*t I hope they weren't like that during art"

Fave if this has ever happened to you before just cjange the subject or something like that.
I'm back :) I missed you guys so much! I missed having you guys to talk to and you won't yell at me for being to loud or annoying or talk to much. i missed you guys soo much!

I'm the happy girl they say

The one who is always happy they say

The one who always get good grades they say

The one who is very sensitive they say

The one that feels perfect about herself they say


You got the wrong girl

Me at the mall


Me: Can't wait to go into Hot topic

Me: Wait are those kids from my school.

Me: HIDE ME!!!!!

Me: Hey look a cut guy

Me: O.M.G. look at those cute pants

Me: $60 COME ON

Me: Siblings go away.

Me: Look at that shirt it has mlp on it I.Must.Have.IT!!!!!!!!!

Me: NOOOOO I forgot my cards at home

*walks into gamestop*

Me: My.Heaven

Me: I need this game

Me: OMG legend of zelda ... LINK YOU ARE SO HOT

*walks into hot topic*

Me: OMG look its Rainbowdash

Me: Look its nerdy kitty

me: OH NOOOOOO I forgot my hot topic card at my friends HOUSE WHYYYY

Me: Can we go


Me: Your embarrasssing me


Me: SISTERS SHUT UPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: I wish we stayed at the mall

Me: Why did we have to leave


Mom: Shut........UP!

I will never be healed. My wounds are to deep. But maybe you can help me. Maybe by holding me close. Caring if I don't answer your texts. Gently stroking my hair in the moonlight. But I know nobody would ever do that to a girl whos been heart broken for to long





There should be a law for no bullying little girls. Or an girls. Or basically nobody should be bullied. It brings down your confidence of being independent. It's embarassing crying because someone made fun of your TOO much. It's a cause of death to some people. So people should stop making others cry by there words of hate. Just saying before you make fun of think about how you would like it if you were the one picked on.
I'm gonna go camping.

Gonna wrestle some bears

Go Bike riding


Looking cute in a bikini at the beach nearby

And I'm gonna make sure I don't tick of any sea bears
Spongebob said Hell OMG the world's gonna end
I haz no brainz
I only haz a mustache