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My name is Nikki and odds are, I'm cooler than you.

"the world isn't a wish granting factory, Hazel Grace."

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someone explain to me how parents can scream at you until you’re crying and then act like nothing happened 20 minutes later

To be honest i find it hard
to believe that theres someone out there that would be able to spend the rest of their life with me


My English teacher staples
Burger King applications on failed tests.
*At the end of the school year*
Me: *Starts making friends*
Me: *Doesn't bother to call, text, or hang out with any of my friends*
*Beginning of next school year*
Me: *Back at 'loser with no friends' stage*

Me in the morning: I'm gonna wear a dress today to school
Getting ready: I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!
As soon as I get on the bus: This was a terrible idea.

Why do people have quiet and respectful funerals? When I die, I want my
ashes mixed with glitter and packed tightly into a coffin and then they blow up the coffin with explosives so glitter rains down on the guests while blasting "Thanks For The Memories" by, Fall Out Boy.

it's really cute
when boys talk about their fears bc it makes them vulnerable and easier to destroy



f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5 n m q!

Have you ever wondered what 
The exact place where you're standing looked like 50,000 years ago?

Oops I accidentally
discovered the Internet and kissed my social life goodbye what do I do now
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