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My name is Nikki and odds are, I'm cooler than you.

"the world isn't a wish granting factory, Hazel Grace."

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nikkiparentrox's Favorite Quotes

          Me: Ughhh finals are coming up soon.
          Everyone: Finals?
          Everyone: Are you in summer school?
          Everyone: School ended 3 weeks ago.
          Me: No, my school is just scared of weather changes so we end school at the end of June.

Teacher: OK class, today we're going to play a game. When I say a fruit, you run to the right side of the court, and when I say a colour, you run to the left side of the court. Everyone understand?

Class: Yes sir!!!

Teacher: Ready..set...ORANGE!!!

The number of "followers" you have does not make you better than anyone else.
Hit.ler had millions, Jesus had 12.

"dude look at the personality on that girl"
"dang man i'd talk to her all night long"

have you ever
thought about how weird sleeping is like we basically dress ourselves in special sleeping clothes and lay on special sleeping mats then spend the next few hours completely comatose all the while hallucinating vividly



f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5 n m q!

Oh, you got a 97 on a test and your upset about it?
here, use my 56 to dry your tears.

its so strange
that autumn is so beautiful,
but everything is really dying...


let us have a moment of silence

for those who unknowingly dated and broke up with a future celebrity

I want to get a job at starbucks
so I can spell everyone's names wrong so they can't instagram their cups.

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    The only dates
           I get are
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