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Hey. Pretty girl, sitting in front of the computer. I have a dare for you. Just Kidding.
I triple dog dare you to;
1) pick up your phone. right now.
Elementary School; "Mommy, I got a 100 on my Spelling Test! Can we go to ToysRUs?!"
"Of course!"
Middle School; "Mom, I got a 95 on my Math Test, Can I go to that party on Friday?"
High School; "Momma! Mommy! Madre! I got a 78 on my Biology Test! Can we go to ToysRUs!?"
"You passed!? Heck yes!"

I failed 2 Science tests this week.. In middle school I never got below and 80 on anything.. If i got below a 90 I'd freak out...When I saw that I failed these 2 tests..I laughed. See what High School does to you!? xP

He breaks up with her.
He asks me out.
I say yes.
I break up with him.
I regret it.
He wishes it hadn't ended.
I want to go back out.
He already have a new girlfriend.
I still  got heart broken..and he didn't break up with me..
I'm an IDIOT.
You destroyed me.
I won't tell you that
I love you just to
hug you.

-Lady Gaga 
maybe it's time for me to open my eyes and see, there really isn't a you&me.
Wanna know the absolute worst feeling in the world?
Getting into your dads car after a
Friday Night Football game. Smiling, Laughing,  & Acting as if nothing's wrong. Then, getting home, and running up to your room, telling your dad that your gonna 'change'. Running up the stairs, going into your room, and shutting the door, locking it behind you. Throwing your phone on your bed, then falling down after it, starting to cry. Shoving your face into a pillow so no one will hear. Grabbing your teddy bear that you secretly named after him looking at it, and saying ; "Your name isn't ___ anymore."  Then you decide to get up and put some sweats on. You go over to your mirror. And look at yourself. And you start crying all over again, even harder. Because you see your mascara running. Then going back over to your bed, sitting down, putting your head into your hands, and bawling.
That's the worst feeling.

Girl; Age 6: Mommy, you look pretty today!!
Mom: Thankyou!
Same Girl; Age 16: Mommy, you look pretty today!
Mom: What do you want?

Wanna know everything about a girl? Take her IPod. Look through her playlists. There's gonna be one on there titled "</3" or "Taylor Swift.♥" Look through that one. Those are all her love songs. She listens to those when she wants to cry. Now, go back to her playlists. There's gonna be one on there with Eminem. Or Lil Wanye. Look through that one. Those are all the songs she listens to when she wants to scream. When she listens to that one, she BLASTS the volume, and raps with them. Not thinking about you. Or... trying not to think about you. Go back to her playlists again. There's gonna be one titled "My Songs." Go to that one. Those are all of her other songs. There are probably songs on there about love, hate, friends, and boys. She listens to those when she wants what the song's story is.
Basically, if you wanna know everything about a girl, put her IPod on shuffle, and listen to each song. For every one of those songs, she hasa
memory attatched to it. More than 50% of those memories will be attatched to you.  And you don't even know it.