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Hello Beautiful thanks for checking out my profile <3 you!
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The name's Brianna. I'm in high school.
My dream is to become a famous model even though I'm a total tom boy at times.
 I love many and find the positive in everything.
 I'm not affraid to state the truth.
 I can be hard headed, I always stick to my word.
Witty is AMAZING and so are YOU!:)
Take a look at my quotes!:)

Quotes by ninjaStorm


Far Star

By: Brianna Storm
Only in the darkest night can you see my light

In the night sky, oh so bright.

You might wish upon me      
For it’s truth might be rarely.


Clouds might be in the way of my shine

But I’m still golden and divine.
I’m a million miles away

Not even close to broadway.

There is infinite amount of my kind,
But don't be blind.
I can be defined.

I made up this poem:)

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I love you more than life baby
I just thought you should know that:)

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"I  wish
You were here
So I can tell you directly how much you mean to me
I'll hold you near my heart so that you can hear what its  trying to whisper

you are the reason why I'm beating"♥

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And I Promise I wont be like the Others

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That just made my day(:
Your like my dream girl that's sooo far away

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Your always beautiful no mater what
(unless you lost all your teeth but 1 or 2 lol)

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Lmao I dnt think gangsters say sketchy tho? I'm starting to think your not so gangster after all JDCD<3

Don't judge because you never know what you could be doing to someone's life.

I used to be "Fantastimazing" to him:)