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Quotes by nipple24

brought into your world
and now slowly forgotten
i still think of you
but our love is rotten.


memories have fade
feelings disapeared
when you come around
its like i was never here.

the nights got colder
my heart grew weak
maybe it was true
that wat we had was unique.

pushing forward
forgetting about you
holding on tight
oh how stronger i have grew.

all mine<3


It wasn't suppose to be like this,
i wasn't suppose to fall for you,
i wasn't suppose to like you so much.
You dragged me into this, its all your faut.
You broke down the walls i had up,
you brought out the feeling i never had.....
but this wasn't suppose to happen,
you were never suppose to like me.
supposably we were just ment to be<3



all mine(:

letters i couldnt send#1

i miss you more than ever and i wanted to let you know that but as hard as i try nothing seems to work.
i text you to talk to you and you dont text me back but when i do talk to you. you tell me you miss me and still love me to..
so should i take everything u say when i talk to you serious or think of it as a lie but you dont lie to me
or was that a lie to?
so many things i want to tell you some many things i just wanna tel the world
i wish you could just see how much this is hurting
i know you very well and maybe the letter i type i should send cuz maybe down inside you thinking the same thingd but how would i know?
i told you, you can still tell me anything and that i will ALWWAAYS be here for but
again maybe ur i hurt you as well and ur trying to move on and forget about us...about me?i know you dont want that and i definatley dont want that but maybe thats the best thing to do right now....
the letters i should send but the feeling that tell me not scared.....very scaared!!!!

What lies behind her   eye s...
She walks past you as if you weren't a huge part of her life.
she holds her head up to show you that you don't get to her anymore.
she barely talks to you cuz shes to bizzy holding her breath so she wont cry.
she laughs and has a good time to show you that she doesn't need you
but really she needs you more than anything in this world
she wants to kiss you, hold your hand and just tell you about her day
but she wont let you get to her because she wants you to be happy.....with her!

what lies behind his eyes...
he walks past you as if your not there.
he laughs and jokes around to show you he's fine
he got a new girlfriend to show you he moved on.
but really he just wants you in his arms again
for you to be the only one on his mind,
he hasnt moved on but it to of a wipe to say he hasnt.
he miss's not seeing you everyday and wishes you guys
could go back to being the same
but most of all he wants to see you happy....with him!

its like a puzzle once u finish your happy cuz u see how it looks and see how beautiful it is
 sounds like you just made a baby:P

i dont wanna say " oh yeah ___ use to do that"
i wanna say " yeah__does that"
cuz it hurts knowing wat we once were</3
i want to say he is mine
i want to say sorry he's taken
or say sorry im taken.
i miss you like crazy
maybe because i no you can never do me wrong
or cuz you no how to make me smile
when i dont  even want to
and when i need you the most your there
when ur with your friends you leave them
for me to show that you care.
im not ashamed to say i still want you
to say that i need you
or to even say
i love you.


when i think of u i wish u knew how much u really do mean to me and no how mush it hurts when i say u dont want me and how i wish you could prove to me that not all guys are the same and just to be there for me when i need u the most. dad, it hurts just saying dad cuz i no i could never see u any different then how i see who u r today. you'll never change u'll neever show me the kind of care i want the kind of care i need from you.
just be happy with the new family you made and show them and give them the care they need cuz i no they will need you more then ill ever need you cuz no matter how much i wish you could change i no you wont and i dont want to hurt anymore i just dont diserve it after wat u did and put me threw.

but just no ill always be ur daughter aand you'll always be my dad...

how weird it was to have a dream of u after not being together for a month and not talking for 3 weeks.
it was like old times hunging kissing just being myself and knowing i was so confortable with u and  how happy u made me. i miss thoses days but wat happend? i no...its all my fault..

p.s. i miss u like crazy

just wish you could see wat ur doing to me:/