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Quotes by nmr22

i hope keeping my friends in my heart is enough to keep them warm
you were the first to tell me to stay happy.
I dont even know if you even know that you stepped up for me at the beginning of the darkest times in my life and I didn’t even need to tell you that anything was wrong. Somehow you knew and you didn’t let me be alone.

I’m sorry I didn’t do the same for you
Somewhere else,

it's like here but different

Somewhere we can just be

a place that opens a whole new world in a world we already know

Where we can explore even the tiniest fibers of a tree

and give meaning to anything just by the touch of a soul

somewhere not like here
what do you do when you dont really feel like a person anymore but everyone still perceives you? when nothing around you even feels real and your memories all scatter until you dont know what is even real and what is the dream world? everything that felt so vivid could never have been real and everything that you forget are the ones that are worth remembering. how do you manage to do everything that you just do when you arent a person anymore. just a shell with nothing left of you but shame, and love. so much love.
this one time at band camp i had like dandruff or something i had like a giant one i looked at it for so long it had little holes on it it was really cool i put it on my end table and i kept it for days but then my mom threw it away
You belong in my heart

Or my head

maybe both
Anu is making me post things on here so it’s not flooded just her
i wrotte a happy bday but it looked out of place with all the sad ones so i panicked and 👀