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dont stray its okay
i was waiting for the anger to change
and the roof beams to bend
and give way under weight

i was waiting for the anger to change
and the roof beams to bend
and the whole thing to break
all successful people believed in a version of themselves that havent yet occured
"The brain is the most important organ"
-the brain
my heart went squiggly and shy
i was filling out a form and the form asked *what are some of your strengths?* and me being the hilarious comedian i am was like *ohhhh nooo ha ha ha its asking me what my sTrEnGtHs are ahh* expecting her to laugh with me but instead shes like *oh noo haha you can leave it blank*

jesus christ
i drank the poison everyday

even when i didn't want to anymore

even when i felt like i didnt have to anymore
when i was a little kid, i was playing downstairs and there was a mattress standing up against the wall. it was there for a while but i remember when it fell on top of me. i couldnt move, i couldnt scream, i couldnt breathe, i couldnt even hear anything. it was the first time in my life when i learned what the panic of suffocation felt like but then suddenly i felt comfortable and suddenly i felt safe and just as suddenly, they pulled it off of me.
hey so you know all those people who love talking to you and who want you around?

they see what i see

i see what they see

you just breathe and we will keep being your eyes
im not sure if you will see this today or ever xP but i want to say happy birthday, i hope youre having a great day you deserve a million and 900 more great days 💖