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January 19th is Prevent Plagiarism Day.  It's actually a different date, but I'm trying to prevent plagiarism.
Make you mine 
my husband I have that silly song as our ringtone
I miss you so
my husband and I
we have a child. 

I often wonder how did we got so lucky? 
as I sit here watching them dance.
so quirky.
I also realized how long it took for us to get 
this lucky? 
I hope it stays like this. 

My husband will say it's my fault. 
He's not wrong, he's never wrong.
I'm finally done straying. 
I promise. 
You are not responsible for someone else's happiness
You are your own worst critic.
I feel like you are no longer interested in me. To me, it seems like I am a burden to hang out with, like I'm intruding in your life. If you don't want me anymore, just tell me. And don't bullshit me with "I don't want to hinder your future relationships...". It's my life and if people I'm interested in aren't down for how I want to live my life, then they weren't meant for me. I understand where you are coming from, but I wasn't born yesterday. Please just me honest with me
It's not your fault, you are not broken. 
Shine bright, starshine. It's your time to show the night sky your sparkle