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  Well, I’m a teenager who loves taking a lot of pictures during a road trip. I take pictures of animals when they’re not close enough to bite me. When I was little, I  loved drawing. But I was never (note: NEVER) good at it. Haha but except, maybe, when I’m copying from my old coloring books.  I’m friendly. But I’m not the nicest girl. Who is, anyway? Just being me.
If I had one of those magical powers whatsoever, I’d want transform into a mermaid any time I want. Silly, huh?
What else? hmmm. i looove witty
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 = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x =


  sometimes      all        you      have         to        do       is     [   wait   ] 

= x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x = x =

to choose to [[ look away;]] never noticed how 
 she dyed your heart to blue and :lifeless.gray:
she never * c a r e d   e n o u g h * to see how
[[ b e a u t i f u l ]] you  are. someday she will. 
maybe now ___she___doesnt____understand__
B u t   s o m e d a y  s h e l l    l o v e   y o u 
b y   s o m e   c r a z y   k i n d   o f   c h a n c e
~ W E . J U S T . D O N ' T . K N O W . I T . Y E T ~

when i try .::desperately::. to find a [[ ]]
just to .take .a. chance. and ..::secretly::.. whisper
 to myself,  "i .: w i s h :.   someone would  love me..

**theway thathelovesher"

that goes on [ b e t w e e n   u s ]  and i'm afraid to even describe it
 'cause sometimes love loses  { i t s   m a g i c } when we try
--to explain in words--
 n o t____b e i n g    b y___m y___ s i d e 
  but now, it's almost  impossible to believe  
--that you were ever even here--

tell me, boy. what did you mean
when   you__said__always_?
for all time?  whatever happens?
no___matter___what__? was it
the  same  thing as forever?  or
was it just a cliche that lost its


choosing you  [[  o v e r  .  e v e r y t h i n g ]]   else 
m e a n s   h a v i n g  .  ((  n o t h i n g   ) ) .  b u t
a hopeless dream.
  w  h  e  n     y o u      >>  d  o  n  '  t  <<     c  a  r  e  
whether    you cry       **in.the.end**        because
is       that      ((  xx----brief  moment----xx  ))    of
 i'm over the part
of letting go
n o w   a l l   t h a t ' s   l e f t   i s
>> ..
moving on.. <<
 ( xx  this may take some time  xx ))

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