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  Well, I’m a teenager who loves taking a lot of pictures during a road trip. I take pictures of animals when they’re not close enough to bite me. When I was little, I  loved drawing. But I was never (note: NEVER) good at it. Haha but except, maybe, when I’m copying from my old coloring books.  I’m friendly. But I’m not the nicest girl. Who is, anyway? Just being me.
If I had one of those magical powers whatsoever, I’d want transform into a mermaid any time I want. Silly, huh?
What else? hmmm. i looove witty
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       I'm moving to Antarctica
                   W H E R E          T H E R E ' S          N O   B U L L S H I T,               ||||||
   just penguins


if aliens ever land on earth
& demand to see our leader

our best chance of survival is to bring them
lady gaga



who takes you to his house
to meet his Parents.
not his bedroom.


I hate texting people
who don't use smileys. I feel like i'm texting an emotionless robot.

thesay picture 
is worth a thousand words
but that's a lie;

because every timI look at a picture of him,
I'm speechless. 


I laugh at my own texts 
before i send them
Be cause im that danm funny.

This quote does not exist.

Thank God Witty's up again.

I almost had to go and get a social life.

I'm almost there.
Lol, JK,
I'm still at my house.


That awkward moment
when you don't know how to pronounce a characters name in a book, so you just subsititute your own jibberish in your head.