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I'm noelle. 14 years of age.
math can die.i hate it.
i love my bestfriends, they're my everything<3
usually, im easy get along with,
but just dont be mean to me or my best friends or
your face is going to get even uglier.
i'm freaking OBSESSED with chapstick.
Austin Mahone,Dylan Holland&One Direction are my life.
i love them.
i wish on every 11:11 for you
people annoy me easily...
my family is annoying
*remember that you are beautiful*

Quotes by noellembailey

Ipod Shuffle Challange
Answer the questions with the name of the song and the first line of the song

Describe yourself:
 No Sleep- Wiz Khalifa
Last night i let the party get the best of me

 Being with your crush:
 More Than This- One Direction
I'm broken, do you hear me?

 Being with your friends:
Beautiful Girls- Sean Kingston
You're way too beautiful girl

 What you think of your parents:
 Beautiful- Akon
When i see you, i run out of words to say

 What your parents think of you:
 Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis
Closed up from love, I didn't need the pain

 What you think about your ex:
 Thnks Fr Th Mmrs- Fall Out Boy
I'm gonna make it bend and break, say your prayers, but let the good times roll, in case god doesn't show

Your thoughts during class:
 The Way I Loved You- Taylor Swift
He is sensable, and so incredible

 If you could wish for anything, what would it be:
 Work Out- J Cole (woww, lol)
 We gotta good thing, dont know if imma see you again

Your one regret:
 Come On Get Higher- Matt Nathanson
 I miss the sound of your voice

Your thoughts when you go to sleep:
 Fergalicious- Fergie
Listen up ya'll, cuz this is it, the beat that I'm banging is delicious

 What your teacher probaly thinks of you:
 Let's Get Crazy- Hannah Montana Bro!<3
Life is just a party so come as you are

 What you want everyone to think about you:
 Miss Me- Drake
I said, tell me whats really going on

 What is your life story:
 We Are Young- Fun
Give me a second i need to get my story straight

What do you want to be when you grow up:
 Born This Way- Lady Gaga
My momma told me when i was young, we were all born superstars

 What is your life like:
 Somebody Told Me- The Killers
Breaking my back just to know your name 

What they'll play at your wedding:
 Can't Get Enough- Off The Record
 I ain't got no kids yet, but this right here's for practice

What they'll play at your funeral:
 For Good- Wicked
I'm limited, and just look at you, you could do all i couldn't do. So now it's up to you.

H o w      m a  n  y     t i  m  e  s
h  a  v  e      y o u      t y  p  e  d

 "I'm okay"
While crying?
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 Love is like the wind

   you can't see it
but you can feel it.

-A Walk to Remember


Roses are red

Violets are blue

If I had a brick

I would throw it at you


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I love you, 
because we hate the same stuff..


I wish you would 

Sneek up behind me, whisper in my ear, and tell me all the things I've been dying to hear.

Having a rougday?

Place your hand over your heart.
Feel that?
That's called purpose.

You're alive for a reason.

Don't give up. ♥

Let's face it,

[] [] []  We’ve changed, we’ve all changed. Somewhere between summer ending and school starting, we’ve all gone our own directions. Hearts were broken, friendships were diminished, and new loves started and new people came into our lives. We no longer spend all of our time together in our circle of friends; we no longer talk for hours about nothing at all. Some of us are finding love while some of us are trying to let go. Even though we’ve changed we all know that even though we’re all finding our own place in the world that when we find love, let go of a love, or when the tears fall, or a smile spreads across our face, we’ll come to each other because no matter where this crazy world takes us and no matter what happens nothing will change so much that we are all not friends forever. [] [] []    



like a good neighbor
    State Farm is there. 
...with One Direction in my pants? i think so.


*when witty is down*
Me:  refresh.refresh.refresh.refresh.refresh.
Me: I need a life
Me: let's check facebook to pass the time..
Me: well that didn't work
Me:  I have no friends
Me: refresh.refresh.refresh.refresh.refresh.
Me: how bout' listening to some one direction
Me: seriously need friends
Me: lol, let's be serious here
Me: I'll die alone with cats.
Me: NO, jimmy prtested.
Me: lolololol, im so funny
Me: ummmmmm
Me: refresh.refresh.refresh.refresh.refresh.
*wiity is back up*