Status: if you are a pink polka dotted hippo, you are my new best friend. :) hi. need a hand?
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There are things about me few get to find out... Are you willing to try and break down the walls?
I build walls to see who is strong enough to break them down.
I love volleyball, tennis, and art.
But music is my life.
I go from classical to H o l l y w o o d U n d e a d in a nano-second.
Care to join me? :)
If you are looking for boring, go somewhere else.
hi,my name is a mystery 
and my life consists of witty, friends, and piano.
so if you wanna witty friend to love you for who you are im free for venting :)
post on my profile <3 cuz ill always be here for you no matter who you are

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