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Hey!I don't like my name so call me by my nickname,Izza:) I'm 14 years young and i get presents on September 20.I have black hair and really light brown eyes and i'm 4'11and half.I don't like pictures very much so sorry if i don't post one.I'm from California(not gonna say what city cuz i dont know whos on here;p)and my fav color is...BLUE!!Yay for blue!!!!!I'm really weird and crazy but that's just me but im a little disturbed also.I love penguins,sweets,One Direction<3,music is my life,my friends,and so much more.I joined witty to let my feelings out so i will.sorry if you don't like my qoutes but oh well. you can't please everyone.

Quotes by nostalgicflower

I keep forgetting i should let you go but when you look at me the only memory is us kissing in the moonlight
On a scale of Kristen Stewart to the Six Flags Man,how excited are you guys about going back to school tomorrow?
I don't know where you're going but do you have room for one more troubled soul?
Is it bad that one of the things on my bucket list is to go on a really bad date with a guy and in the middle of it,excuse myself to go to the bathroom and crawl out the bathroom window?
I didn't want to know
What it felt like
To fall in love with someone.
It may have a few cracks,
But it's still beautiful.

Please stop.

I don't think i could take anymore
Everyone just needs to stop attacking
everyone on this site.
Sorry but people are getting kind of sick of
it and i understand if people get offended
by other people's opinions but if you don't
like it then just try to ignore it.
I know it's hard but commenting on it just makes it an even bigger deal and no one needs that.
And to the all the arguements that have
been happening lately...
"Go f/ck yourself right in your tinkle taco."
It feels like we're just going through the
Living life without emotion.
Maybe the universe will bring us together
again someday.