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I'lneveback down.

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it's so crazy how someone can mean so much to you. you begin to watch them at first, notice they are kind of cute. you pay more attention to learn more and before you know it you are obsessing over the way they speak and sit and walk and basically anything.

and you can't stop thinking of them.. it's like a drug.
*by aellyniq, inspired by jimmy 365

I need to know now, know now,
can you love me again?


Don't look so blue,
because someone loves you.

take off your makeup and show your face. you get to see who really apprechiates you that way.


If you don't wanna take it slow
 and you just wanna take me home ♥ 



Nevermind, I'll find someone like you.


And i think the reason so many people
leave their lives is because they forget it is more important for them to learn to love themselves
before anyone else loves them. Once you love yourself, people will start to love you, too.


if i can't cry away my hurts.  


One cut, two cuts, three cuts, four,
Maybe i'd be accepted if i became a whöre?

Five cuts, six cuts, seven cuts, eight,
Life's been better since i've learned to hate.
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told me not to waste my life
she said spread your wings my little butterfly.

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