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I'lneveback down.

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Dyoever havthose
days where you are completely numb? Everything just feels so weird... you literally have no emotion whatsoever. No matter what happens you are completely neutral. Even if your mother or father passed away you would stand with your lips in a straight line...

Pleasdon't leavme.
I know we've only just met, but I think you mean something
big to my life. I can see it through your eyes that you're a
wonderful person... we can be best friends, okay?
No, wait! Where are you going? I thought we were
best friends! You can't be moving? I've only known
you for a bit now... why does this
always happen to me...


" You'rugllol!"

I was told this over facebook by some random hate account (won't mention any names). No one has ever bullied me like that before. But you know what, I'm not hurt. Wanna know why? Because i feel sorry for that loser. Poor thing, too dumb to realize that I, and every other living thing in the universe, were chosen by specific genes that I cannot control. I had no say what I would look like, what family I would be born into. Trust me, if i could choose my apperance, I would look FAR different. Stupid b//tch.


format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

I'm smilingenuinly,
but it's not because of you anymore.



These are the words I fear the most.
You see, I could be considered a "people pleaser".
If someone were to claim they dislike me,
my whole world would probably crash down,

even if I'm not even close to them.


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