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Hey, my name's Brenna :)
I'm a freshman in highschool.
My account was hacked a few times (I don't know who by) and the majority of the quotes over the last few months are not mine, but I left them up anyway...


Quotes by notreallyon

I have so much to say, 
And no one to listen.

Watch it:

It's about bullying and it's beautiful.
You treat her exactly the way you treated me.
I was never special at all.
I didn't just loose my boyfriend.
I also lost my bestfriend.
I'm so scared to show anyone my cuts.
I'm scared they will think they're pathetic.
Not because I cut, but because they're so small.
They arn't deep.
They fade fast.
But the have to be that way.
They have to be that way.
If they weren't, my doctor would see them when I go to get my leg x-rayed.
If they weren't I would run out of room in places that can be hidden in the locker room.
If they weren't, everyone would see.

I just want one person.
One person so I know that it's real.
So in years to come, I'll know it was real.
So I'll never feel as fake as I do now.

I would stop,
if only
someone would
give me a

Anyone wanna be my friend? :)
The amount of self-hate inside of me would kill you in a second.
And the best part is, no one cares. Not even witty.
So much for not cutting in 2013.