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You don't know you're beautiful.<3
About Me.
Hola senor and senoritassss. My names Kaity. I'm 15 years and live in a small town in Pennsylvania, USA. I have the best of friends. Go follow them: makaylagurll21, dancerchick597, and MusicForeverLove143.
I'm one of those girls who have there headphones in or is listeningto music all the time. I'm a Directioner and Belieber<3. I'm not one of those obsessive fans who knows every little detail about them. Demi Lovato's also one of my inspirations. I'm pretty easy to get along with, unless you insult me, my friends, or people on my page, their page, on in quotes-then I'm your biggest nightmare. I hate people that get your and you're, and all the grammar crap wrong, unless you're the guy I like and you're cute about it. Well, I'm not here to fight so if you came to my page to talk crap, leave.

"Because if you haven't noticed, people come in different shapes and sizes and they're all beautiful"
-Raven Symone (That's So Raven)


Quotes by nssassychick

Everyone was right. You learn
from  your mistakes. and don't sweat the small stuff.


I won't let these little things, slip out of my mouth.
But if I do, it's you. Oh it's you, they add up too.
I'm love with you, and all these little things.


 If a guy ever sings Little Thing to me,
I will marry them. <3


Even though I'm just getting

over the boy I've liked for over 2 years,

there's this other guy. He makes me feel different than the boy I've liked for so long. The butterflies are different. I don't know how. He makes me SMILE more than CRY. Even when he's down, he cheers me up. He's different. He's not like the other guy. But here's the thing. He has a bad background. He used to do drugs with his family in there house, but he got kicked out because he didn't believe in doing that stuff anymore. I believe he's changed. Just thought I'd share this with you guys.


When you fall

for a guy and you can't stop thinking about them.


All I want right now is

to lose some weight and

to be told I'm beautiful by some guy I would least expect it from.



don't over think,
just let it go. <3


You know what I don't understand?
Why can't boys just ask us how we feel?
If my crush would ask me my true feelings about him,
I wouldn't hesitate, I'd tell him.

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