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Hey(: its Sara ♥  I'm 14 and im in love with dance ♥  I'm your normal teenage girl, i get upset too easily, dont handle things well, do stupid stuff, but through it all i always have my friends to back me up ♥  if If

Quotes by numbah13

You'll miss her like she missed you.
You'll need her like she needed you
You'll love her but she wont love you..

I wonder..
How many of those things you said..,
You actually meant.

If a girl has a wall up it's because it was built.
Brick by Brick.
Lie after Lie.
Heartbreak after heartbreak.

We were given:

TWO hands to hold,

TWO legs to walk,

TWO eyes to see,

TWO ears to listen,

but why only ONE heart?

Because the other was given to someone else for us to find 

(N) something many people make,
But very few know how to keep.

Not talking to you is the hardest thing ive ever done...

loosing your best friend is the worst feeling in the entire world...

i'll find someone like you...

Sometimes it l a s t s in love
But sometimes it hurts instead


Is one of those taylor swift
where tears dont stop
until everything is off my mind