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a little party never killed nobody

Alyssa. 16 Music. Dance. Singing. Acting. Fashion. Makeup. Taller Guys. Books. Family. Friends. God. Laughing. Disney. Video Games. Dreaming.  

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» Would you let me see beneath your beautiful «
i've just grown
to the 

i like karatay
i like moneayy 
i hate all of you 
Theres a time in your life where you realize everything. 
where everything becomes clear 
& you look back into the past and think
what the hell was i thinking? 
or when you look back and think 
or when you look back at the memories that once made you happy
now make you sad and you wonder 
what happened? 


let's not pretend that like you're alone tonight

You don't know what you're alive for... untill you know what you would die for 

You are more loved than you will ever know by someone who died to know you 
Romans 5:8

 Happy Birthday to me:) 
Can I get 15 favs for my 15th birthday? 

Present Fears
Are Less
Than Horrible Imaginings


            I, along with many other girls, look forward to my Swee16. I can't wait. Mine is in a year. But for just the one night, everyone is gonna notice me. Look at me, maybe think whoa, she looks gorgeous and happy. For that one night eveyone is gonna listen to me, and dance with me. People don't listen to me. I get cut off, brushed off, like a bug. Not just my friends but my family does it too. Sometimes I feel as if a wall would be a better listener. I can never get a word in, but on my Sweet 16 people will listen and hopefully they'll care.
 and if they don't
i'm screwed