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Quotes by oOxJess

she seemed O.K
she seemed alright
she smiles at day
and crys at night
she gets called names at school
she trys to ignoree.
but its too much too endure.
so she takes the power
one fine hour.
and says with out adue
i say goodbye too you.

made it at school. when we had a poem to write
they dont like me here. :X
cross my heart hope to die
iloveyou yeah just another
stupid lie.
i was here. open arms open eyes
but you just pased bye.
your that 2-faced dork that im always with
people always ask me why him? i simply say
just because. where not together.where not
anything special. we just are friends. he
might act cool with his friends, or even not
say a word to me with them. but i dont really
care, since he tells me he only has 2 true friends
an he always tell's me im his number 1. even
though he might not show it. i know well always
be friends regardless of what we might say when
we get mad. were here for each other . and thats
all you ever need, from a friend<3

i can tell this is true its' comming from the
heart <3. but i cant [risk] this its just...
tearing me apart.your love is just making me;
crazy.i cant stand this its making .my. world
go hazey <3 . so now i say goodbye to you one
last time . so with out [further] adue. i say

goodbye too...

supposed to line up.
100% mine from the heart
and i hate the way you keep me comming
back for more just because you know you can
and i hate the way you make me fall;; you
act like you'll catch me and leave me there
and i hate the way you lead me on ;; well
new just in, i dont need you as much as i did
and your maybe kinda sorta the highlite of my day<3
& if even we sit around and
waste friday nights i dont;
care because jus being with
you makes them so' great<33
& hes the one that was putting his
arm around me and hugging me every
second; while i thought how great?

dedicated to brian<3
i love him like words cant explain