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Quotes by oOyouranythingOo

                        If heaven and hell decide,
                                                                                               that the both are satisfied,
                                                                                      illuminate the "no"s
                                                                                          on their vacancy signs
                                                                                                    if there's no one beside you 
                                                                                              when your soul embarks
I'll follow you into the dark


                               I'll love whatever you become. 

i think your the best

admit it, you went back and read all the green letters because you thought they spelled something different out

eventually you will come to a
u  n  d  e  r  s  t  a  n  d  i  n  g
that love heals everything thing and

l o v e

is          all          there        is          

You Expect Me to Speak?
dear,  i  can't  even  breathe
x                                 x                                  x
i love you
not because of who you are
but because of who i am
when i'm with you

And, when he sees her...
he holds his breath,
and walks by
without breathing
he stares determinedly
in the other direction
trying his best to not
look into her eyes
because if he does
he might just stare forever
                    this is most certianly not my quote. i love it. and thought i should repost it. i did, however, edit it ;D


                                                                                                                                 your becoming the moster you
                                                                     warned me of


are just family you have yet to come to know.

-(five people you meet in heaven)

me; so, he's not gonna show up. i know it's dumb. but half of me is expecting him to still show up just to surprise me.

friend; that's not dumb. it's just being hopeful

me; yeah, well. in his case being dumb and hopeful are about the

same thing</3