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New layout! :]              I don't sign in here that often now so pardon me if I take some time to reply to your comments! :)

Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ignore...

Oh hello stranger! ♥
I’m Shreya, a.k.a Shrekie.
I live on a paradise island named Mauritius.
(Just google-image it if you have no idea where it is)

My profile is currently under construction so I'll fill in this box later. 

Why don't you leave me a comment in the meantime?
I'd LOVE to talk. :)

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Quotes by oXHuntressXo

Just because people do horrible things...
It doesn't always mean they're horrible people.

~ Grey's Anatomy



Don't find love,
let  love  find  you. That's why it’s called
 falling in  love,
because  you  don't  force  yourself to fall,


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Witty Profiles

I don't love him.
I don't know if I ever have, or ever will. 
I've told myself this over and over again.
But the thing is,
when I'm with him, I can't seem to remember that.


Do you ever have one of those days
where nothing really goes wrong
but you feel like you hate the world
and the smallest thing that happens
can make you break down right there and cry?

All guys are jerks.
But they get hotter with age, and we learn to be more tolerant. [][]
- Gossip Girl

No matter how full my wardrobe is, 
I never seem to find anything to wear.


He's that gu
that  you’d want to hang out with even if
 you weren’t dating him,  [
 And he’s c u t e in that  way that's kind of 
like, you know, in the movies, that guy 
  you  want  the  girl  to  end  up  with  that
everybody pretends isn’t cute 
 but he really is.


High Heels:
You want to wear them but when you do, you swear at them.


because I'm being nice 
to you doesn't  mean I'm your

new best friend.