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New layout! :]              I don't sign in here that often now so pardon me if I take some time to reply to your comments! :)

Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ignore...

Oh hello stranger! ♥
I’m Shreya, a.k.a Shrekie.
I live on a paradise island named Mauritius.
(Just google-image it if you have no idea where it is)

My profile is currently under construction so I'll fill in this box later. 

Why don't you leave me a comment in the meantime?
I'd LOVE to talk. :)

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oXHuntressXo's Favorite Quotes

That one guy
     you never imagined you would have feelings for. ♥

our small stupid conversations,
mean more to me than you'll ever know.


i could kiss a million guys,
and it still wouldn't mean as much as holding your hand. ♥

Noah wrote Allie

 365 letters. I think you can manage to answer my text message.


it's sorta like i gave you
the key to my heart and you lost it, and i kept making you copies cause i wanted to let you in.

when you spell a word correctly
but it looks wrong so you stare at it forever, questioning it's existence.

love is like
a rubberband. We keep pulling, someone lets go,

and it hurts the one who held on.

-not my format-

She said she wanted to get high, so he took her to the tallest hill in town. She said she wanted to stay up all night & drink, so he gave her a 12 pack of caffeinated soda and said "Drink Up." She said she wanted to shoot herself in the face, so he gave her a water gun and let her pull the trigger. She said she wanted to cut herself, so he took a Polaroid picture of her face and let her cut it up. She said she wanted to cry herself to sleep, so he had her watch a sad and romantic movie before bed. She said that she wanted to be alone, so he gave her a name tag that said "Hello,my name is Alone." She said that she wanted someone to be there to take care of her, so he asked when he wasn't.


I want to be the girlfriend

Not the friend, not the confidant , not the other girl, not the friend with benefits,

not the second choice.

I want to be the one who is loved, held, and

who gets the phone calls at night,

and the cute surprises, the kisses on the forehead and the I miss you's.

I want it all

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