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 Always remeber:
friends come before love; in the dictionary and in real life.

With friends, its not about who you've know the longest, its about who has walked into your life, and never left.

^^ when i think about that, a few people come to my mind <3^^

maybe i'm not like most other girls,
my hair isnt always perfect but i dont care;
i'd rather wear sweats than a dress;
i dont always worry about how i look;
i know that there arent very many guys that like me,
but i dont care about any of this stuff,
cuz i have fun and enjoy life,
and that is what matters most to me <3

please dont jock any of my quotes


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I need a lot of advice!
okay so there are three guys that i kind of have a crush on:
guy one: really hot senior (i'm a freshman) that i talk to sometimes, he is really nice and sweet
guy two: a sophmore that messaged me on facebook about a band i like and we were talking for a while about music. he is one of the hottest kids in the school so i doubt that i have a chance with hm
guy three: my perfect guy; hot funny sweeet nice caring amazing and has a good taste in music, i met him about a week ago through one of my friends so i dont know him that well but he always facebook chats me and calls me his nick name for me, there are two problems tho, 1: he lives 200 miles away 2: he has a girlfriend (but he might break up with her)
i have no idea what to do in any of these situations! any advice would be soo much help!
He is my perfect guy; he is sweet and funny, nice and cute, has an amazing taste in music and he is just amazing;;; but it hurts to know that nothing will ever happen between us </3


 I have a horrible fear that someone is going to break into my house; especially during the night and when I'm home alone. 



 I'm extremely terrified of death.



 I'm really bad with relationships; I've only had two and the longest one lasted two weeks, and I'm worried I will never have a long one.



 I have extremely low self esteem. I think I'm fat, not pretty, not good at sports, and no guys like me. Even tho people tell me different, I really don't think it is true.



 When my friends tell me stories about them hooking up, being felt up, or anything like that, I get extremely jealous because it has never happened to me.



 I'm scared to fall in love again because my first love never loved me back </3



I've never had my first kiss and I'm scared i never will. 


Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet 

Dear The Maine,
I discovered you a little less than a year ago and now you are my favorite band. I listen to your songs so often and i know every world to most of them. Your music will always put me in a better mood. I really would like to see you in concert again soon! You guys inspire me so much and it would be a dream come true to meet you! i love you guys and your music means sooo much to me! Thank you for giving me such great inspiration and producing such great music.
One of your biggest fans <3