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So I realised that my old profile sucked...so I decided to redo it 

Hey, so I don't know what to write, so I'm just going to tell you about the stuff I like and don't like.

LOVE to read...books are frickin awesome!! My favs are GONE, Hunting Lila, Divergent, The Heist Society, Gallagher Girls and Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus (these are my ultimate...I am literally obsessed :D can't wait for House of Hades and Sea of Monsters film!!!!!)

I also love listening to music. The genres that appeal to me (oh so posh lol) are mostly rock and alternative rock, but I like some pop and country. My favourite artists are Bastille, One Republic, Scouting For Girls, Tom Odell, The Fray and Fall Out Boy.

I watch quite a bit of TV. The shows that I'm hooked on are How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill, Ben and Kate, New Girl and The New Normal. 

I love sport (yay! Olympics were in London). The sports I play are hockey (field), netball, tennis, rounders and athletics (track and field). 

I love watching films. My and my (very small) family go to loads. My favourite films are UP (don't judge me, it's possible the saddest film ever), We Bought a Zoo, A Thousand Words, Just Go With It, Grown Ups, and Pirates of the Caribbean. 

I live in England, which had a lot of rain...but is still quite nice. My favourite colour is green. My lucky number is 6. I'm an only child and hate it :(. I'm desperate for a cat (haha gonna die alone). I hate spiders with a passion...I literally think I have arachnophobia...seriously. My otp is definitely Percabeth (I already love you if you know what this is). 

Things that annoy me are-
Superstitious people
When your parents don't close the freaking door
When you miss a step on the stairs and end up facepalming the floor looking like an idiot
When my feet are cold, but the rest of my is fine
If people are watching something on a laptop/tablet and don't wear headphones
When my headphones get tangled up
Losing things
Really bad grammer in quotes/fanfics or whatever (I can deal with not so bad but "WHen _peop.le type loik dis' it ticks me off) 
-btw please don't tell me that I spelt some words wrong, I'm British...so yeah...-

Thanks for reading :)

^^^^^ I really hope I didn't offend anyone. Don't get annoyed, I'm just randomly typing things 

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Ethanol 1 decade ago
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your username and status >
BulletproofLove 1 decade ago
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Wow your username O.o and FALL OUT BOY!! <3
obssesingoverfictionalcharacters 1 decade ago
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Haha thanks it pretty much describes my life...:)
ChocoTaco 1 decade ago
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lol I am in love with your username!!
You seem really nice and I love your profile C: