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Hello , My name is Alex lynn ,
I am A Sophmore in Ticonderoga high school, i guess im not a Very nice person at all witch is fine with me.I have A few Really good friends thats all i need. i Love Xbox <3 its my life. i am Currently Taken<3 I love to Draw Art is all i need in life.... and xbox....and food....and water.... damn... i just poked a huge hole in my Logic... Well now that im dissapointed im going to leave.... oh and one other thing , dont judge me for the stuff ive done and the Crap i write if toy dont like it get off my profile as fast as your little fingers can hitt the wity button. goodbye....
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Quotes by ohdanggitsalv

Telling someone with Depression to 'be happy' is like
telling someone with a broken leg to run to the hospital
Telling someone with an Eating disorder to 'just eat' is like
telling someone with clausterphobia to get inside a small cabnet and lock the door
Telling someone who self harms to 'Just stop' doing it is like
telling a drug addict to sit in a room full of drugs and touch nothing

Dont judge what you cant understand.


Forever , I promise

Once a Cheater
Always a cheater

We just now Got the Feeling That Were Meeting 

For the first time 

Im just an

Art Geek

surrounded by
Prom Queens

Ahem , Everyone , Ahem! 
I burped ;D
What did you do this weekend ?
Well mom . I Took shots with a guy dressed as a panda,I danced on a table With my Friends Goldfish,I puked up Toaster Stroodal In my bestfriends Car,I chased a School bus Screaming 'Stop that Twinkie" ,And im pretty sure I left my Bra In the monkey Exibit at the zoo.

Sat at home , Watched A Few movies, what about you mom ?

I just do what i want

 I dont care what people are thinking


Fav if you think there Sounld be a Witty App !!!