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im stephanie ♥
im not new to witty i use to come on alot alooong time ago and just recently fell in love with it again
im 17 i love lana del rey, ed sheerman and the weekend
i love life even though sometimes i feel life dosent love me i just made that up (:
and if anyone wants to talk im here for you♥
and i want to be 17 forever dose anyone know how i can do that? (: 

Quotes by ohdarlingsteph

lana del rey, the weekend, gotye and coldplay are the only voices iv been listening to today 
Roses are Red, Violets are blue, Bacon is also Red...poems are hard. Bacon

Sometimes you have to put a fake smile on and pretend like it never happened. It's not called giving up, it's called growing up.

my mistake wasn't falling for you, it was thinking you had fallen for me too.
What if we woke up, as a baby, and our whole life had been a dream?
Dear dude sitting next to me, I can see you copying my test.... Sincerely, joke's on you, I didn't study either :p
Let's cuddle and watch zombie movies.
dear fat,
                get the f***k out of my body. (:
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