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Quotes by oheymeaghan

                                                                                                 » The hardest part is knowing you were in my arms,
                                                                    even if it was just for a second.
           I still know how it feels, to have you.
           The smell of your skin. The beat of your pulse. ♥ 
[ The way you would rest your head on mine. ]
The feeling I got with you.
  I know now that this feeling is something that I will never feel with him.
                         Even when he's in my arms, just like you were once, it'll be different.
                      cause it's not you.


dear school;
you so duuumb. you didn't block witty from the server. lol.
sincerely, more than half of the people at our school are girl

                         "  to die, would be an awfully big
                adventure "

                         THE LIES. I LOVE YOU TOO.



     I love the way you smile. 

but i mostly love the way you love me.


he took my breathe away
     i n  t h e  m o s t  n o n - r o m a n t i c  w a y  .

sweetheart  can't you see the way his eyes sparkle when you're with him?
T O U E H E L E ?

he has fallen so hard for you, .hunny 

------------------------------------------------- trust me, i know .                
and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to realize that you have, too.



all of me, every pierce, now it lies
            in youhands.



The best time tweastripesweater
                                                     »i s   a l l   t h e   t i m e   .♥* 



&you cateleverybody

t h a t   t h i s   i s   y o u r   s o n g