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hi everyone.
Bekah's the name(:
i'm almost 13, and you could say im happy
born into this crazy world on February 18th.
i love to sing, someday i hope to be famous for it.
i'm gonna try super hard.
My Chemical Romance&Blink 182<3
i love meeting new people;
so feel free to ask for advice!
if you comment;fave;follow;
i'll love you..
and probably do the same for you.
 i've been told i'm quite hilarious.. >:)
soo, feel free to talk!
alrighty then;



Quotes by ohhmannitzbek

As you exhale, i breathe in.
i sink farther into the ocean..
And i grow pale, without you.

I have kinda [sorta]
given up
o n  e v e r y t h i  n g.

i'm falling, slowly, but surely.

i think i know how it really feels like to be happy.
and i don't want to remember being lonely.
lets make this last.

I don't often share my

problems with people.

WHY? Well..

80% Don't Care,

And The Other 20%

Are Glad That I Have Them.


My brother's response to everything used to be,
"Your mom!"
Now his response is,     
"Your mommy naked!"
Even better. -_-