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Quotes by ohhsofabulousx93

I'm guna kiss    somebody someday, && when I do, I'm guna know it's the real deal <3

The both fell in love with each  other

but neither was brave enough to admit it because neither wanted to lose their friendship

my marine makes me say
sometimes i wish  you would just wak away like everyone
else who said they loved me
because then i wouldnt be sitting here

wondering  if we're guna make it. 

all it took was one kiss for you to:
knock me off my feet
send my head spinning
& trip me so i fell for you
     when i hear that song 
          i have to turn off the radio 
               because it reminds me of you 
move on--->
he's just a chapter in the past. 
don't close the book.  
just turn the page
Everyday it gets harder to fake that smile when I see you. It gets harder to fall asleep and night and to get up in the morning.To hear you say my name and know that I'm not yours anymore. To look at your name in my phonebook and not see that silly little heart next to it. To watch you give the love that I want, I need but pushed away. To have to listen to those songs that bring back those memories. To think of how you said that we would be together forever and realize that can't happen now. To think about how things would be different if I had said one thing instead of another. To realize that everything that has happened was my fault and that I can't be mad at anyone but myself because I'm the one who pushed you away.  To walk out of school without that kiss I'm so used to getting.To know that things won't ever be the same and that it's my fault. To realize that no matter how many times I say "I'm sorry" it can't and won't change anything. And that I can't go back in time and change all the mistakes I made or undo all the times I hurt you or pushed you away  when I shouldv"e pulled you closed. To have to stop myself from telling you I love you because I know your not mine anymore.

all mine </3