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R.a.w.r.(: Heyyyy, it's Maddie:D As you already knew..hahah. Well that is me in my profile picture[: I like to change it alot. I realllyyyy don't feel like writing too much, so I won't. My favorite colors are pink, orange, and yellow. Some days I loveee being comfy, other days I'll make a effort with how I look. I have naturally straight hair, that is thin so it only holds a curl for professionals. I am texting all the time, so my phone is very important to meeee(: I am in LOVEE♥ with music. My ipod is my life. I love witty, and it seems like a big old family here, except for the mean people:p That's all for now, buhbyeeee[:
spacebound-Aghhh Kelsey(: I tell you like everything. I vent to you, we have debates about little things, and we do the craziest things. You've made me a better person♥
Mellieisamazing-Mellieboo! Soo, I love you alot. I know you don't go on here alot, but you mean sooo much to me.♥
haunteddx-You taught me alot about myself. Thank you. You're really sweet, and it's super cool talking to a person from around the world(:
beachblondes-Ohhhh, Olive! I loveers you alotsss. Good times in 4th grade to now(: My witty buddy..that's youu!♥
christofx-You're super funny, and always fun to talk to. You're definitely one of the cooler guys on here, alot of them are just looking for girls, but you're actually here to ventt(:
[[adding more as i make more fraandss]]
-Avril Lavigne
-Billy Currington
-Brad Paisley
-Boys Like Girls
-Darrius Rucker
-Hilary Duff
-Justin Bieber
-Maroon 5
-The Script
-Taylor Swift
-Waka Flocka Flame
-Wiz Khalifa
-Zac Brown Band
-Bob Marley
-Trey Songz
-Kenny Chesney
-Mike Posner

Quotes by ohlookitsmaddie

when you GPS tells your gay driver to "Go straight".

not being mean to gay people. just thought it was funny. dont hate please.

when Charlie Sheen does enough cocaine to kill 2 and a half men.
 enough co 

It made sense in my

Guy that plays guitar=
Guy with an accent=

Guy that plays guitar and has an accent=
damn sexyy.


Opening a
cereal box,
and checking to see if you won the contest

The silence is killing me.
happened to us?


Looking back; I  realize i miss
w h 
a w d .

not my format.

You're   one   of   those  guys
that a girl never really gets over.

not not my   
not my format, credit to whoever.

When you drew the picture of me, I laughed.
The big pink dots you put all over my face, I laughed.
The big circle used to draw my body, I
But my secret? I went home and cried my eyes out.
I wish I was


Everyone loves my best friend.
She's confident,beautiful, smart.
Me? I'm her friend.
nothing next to her.