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Quotes by ohlovequotes

Behind every teaia story.
For you she was just a chapter.
her you were the book.

Every  girl  deserves  a  father

to prove not every guy is out there to hurt her.

Everyone can say
"I love you"'

But not everyone really means it.
So believe it when you feel it,
not just when you hear it.


Its weird yet amazing
to know that the person
you're going to marry
is walking the earth
right now.

All I want
for christmas is

Chuck Bass


Love → Value It.
Smile → Keep It.
Success → Achieve It.
Jealousy → Distance It.
Knowledge → Acquire It.
Confidence → Trust It.


6 Things I say in school:
 1) I`m tired.
2)I`m cold.
3) I don't get it.
4) I`m Hungry.
5) What time is it?
6) I want to go home.


Anyone can make you smile or cry,
but it takes someone special

to make you smile
 when you already have tears
in your eyes