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new year new witty:)
working on a partner witty and a new layout website

hey witty word
my names olivia, if you didnt get that from my username. pretty average life. just me trying to find my place. ill love you or hate you. i take first impressions very seriously. im trying to live every day like its summer. i love all of my followers. comments are wounderful and i appriciate all your favs! <3
-and im starting track:)
please dont hate on me cause im a cheerleader, i like it cause it involves gymnastics


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Quotes by oliviaaababyy

its time for a fresh start


if the house was burning down,    they would be
toasting marshmallows and hitting on the firemen

sometimes goodbye is a
second chance

if your dating a blonde girl; raise your glass.
if your not... better raise your standards.


 you can be a sweet

or a beautiful

you told me to text you then you didn't text me back.
like wtf?

 c delete user
 c block user
 a cut user into tiny pieces


Bruno mars will catch a grenade for me
but you cant even say hi to me in the hallways?


you know what sucks 
about falling for someone you know
 you fall anyways,
because you think he might turn out

your my color
in this world of black and white