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My names Olivia, and i'm 14 years old. Witty is pretty much my life, and the only place where any girl can talk and not get judged. Yes, i'm sort of your average teenager but i'v been through a lot more then any other girl, I can tell you that. I'v also made stupid choices in the past, but I will never regret any of them because at the time, they made me happy. Well, i'm not going to make this long and heartfelt. But if you wanna know anything else, just ask(: And i'm here if any of you need to talk, i neeed a witty bestfriend♥ 

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Everything's ganna be okay!

Yeah, because it's not happening 
to you....



So much for my 11.11.11 wish coming true..<|3



Tomorrow's finally


and Veterans Day.

Perfect Match♥




I always find myself, trying to make other people happy. Even if i'm not....♥


 nmf LovelyHazelnuts



Call her and tell her she's beautiful, make her feel special today♥

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Never make a promise that you know you can't keep...

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This time, last year ..
everything was so much more different.

 nmf LovelyHazelnuts

Even though i did some stufff in my past that i shouldnt of, il never regret something that once made me smile................♥

I fall too fast,
crash too hard.
forgive too easy.
and care too much.

My baby sister will finally be born tomorrow. ♥